Best Law Firm Marketing Companies

When it comes to growing any business you need to focus on leads. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a storefront retail shop or if you are managing an online website, new customers are the lifeblood of a profitable venture. Yes, customer service and retaining current clients is a very close second. Delivering a quality product or service, having happy customers, and making good on what you advertise is how you build your reputation and your brand. However, for some businesses, a client is only worth a “one-pop”. No, we are not trying to degrade the value of a client but we are trying to be blunt when looking at clients from a financial perspective. After all, you’re running a business to make money, so at the end of the day, you need to look at your clients as units when it comes to growth. While restaurants, e-commerce sites, and dentists tend to get a “residual effect” from their client base, most B2C attorneys do not. So, how can you grow your law practice knowing that you may only work with this client one time only?

Today, we’re going to tackle the marketing hurdles that business to consumer attorneys face. B2C refers to personal injury lawyers who represent the victim, employment lawyers who represent the employee, criminal defense lawyers, family law attorneys, and so on and so forth. There are lots of quality lawyer marketing agencies out there, and yes, we believe we are one of them. Fining the best law firm marketing companies isn’t easy though. With so many firms claiming to be the best, or to deliver the best services, lots of lawyers waste a lot of time and money before finding a company best suited for them. That’s where we believe lawyers should look. Instead of going with hype, interview multiple agencies to find one that is best equipped for what you and your firm need.

We recently sat down with our production and sales staff to ask them what they felt was most important to lawyers. Now, we work with law firms coast to coast and handle campaigns for all types of B2C attorneys. Mr. Brett Weisler, our Production Manager had some pretty detailed opinions. Here is why he believes we stand out from the rest of the attorney SEO marketing companies. These our staff’s opinions on what makes us one of the best law firm marketing companies.

How Does Big Bang Marketing Beat the Competition for its Law Firm Clients?

Competition means something different to various types of competitors and in various types of industries. We at Big Bang Marketing take competition very seriously, as if we are competing in a professional sports league. The pride we take to slam down and overtake the competitors of our law firm clients is unmatched. It is the foundation of our entire business model, so it runs through the veins, capillaries and arteries of our whole staff. Our approach is like that of a football coach, analyzing and breaking down the competition to the maximum extent that our mental abilities. From that analysis, we can then create a plan of attack. Within that plan will include content management, link building and directories, videos and YouTube, getting a better cost per click and conversions, all of which must work in organized coordination with each other, just like the players on a football field, in order to accommodate the Googlebot and take over our law firm clients’ competitors. We are acutely aware that it only takes one or two players missing their assignment on a given play during a football game for the play to fail, leaving an opening for the other team to gain big yards and possibly take over the game. Let’s dive into tactics we use as one of the best law firm marketing companies out in the industry today.

Big Bang Marketing is Like a Football Coach

I know what you’re thinking… tech guys at a lead generation and SEO company comparing themselves to how a football coach breaks down the competition and prepares for a big game? Yep, indeed. We are sports fans and football fans to the core, and we believe undoubtedly that the smartest, most intricate football coaches can teach us multiple study habits and techniques with which to analyze and learn our opponents’ weaknesses, so we can beat the competition. Hence, the direct comparison. Now it’s just a matter of what we’ve learned from the great football coaches that we can utilize with our own competitor analysis, with the sole purpose of overtaking them in the rankings for the most valuable keyword terms relating to the types of cases our law firm clients are ideally seeking.

Analysis of the Competition

Now this alone could be a full article in itself, but let’s keep it somewhat confined for the purposes of including the steps following the completion of an analysis. What exactly is the goal and main purpose of analyzing your competitors? Hmm… it could be a few different focuses, all of which are certainly important, but, in our opinion, the number one objective is to learn their weaknesses. Without knowing your opponent’s weaknesses, you can’t create a plan of attack, which then puts you in position to execute and achieve the results of that plan. Going after your competitor’s strengths is working hard, not smart, whereas tapping into and exploiting their weaknesses gives you the best and most expeditious path to success. That embodies the concept of working smart, not hard, which is why football coaches are always looking for new ways and new plays to shine a big, bright light on the other team’s weaknesses.

Big Bang Marketing Analysis

Okay… now we’re getting to the meat of building a foundation from which a plan of attack can be created. It starts with an analysis of your competitor or competitors, in the case of outranking our law firm clients’ competition by doing more to accommodate the Google algorithm that they are. I know that sounds simple, but learning how to consistently win that game has taken years and years, especially since Google doesn’t send us a blueprint depicting the tricks and techniques required to have the Googlebot deem our law firm clients’ websites more valuable, relevant and trustworthy than their competitors’ sites. That sure would be nice, but it’s not reality, so coming in and doing the work every day is how we succeed. So what makes up our analysis? Well… I don’t want to give too much away, but it consists of analyzing a few factors. We look at the content on our law firm clients’ competitors’ websites, being sure to breakdown the organization, depth and quality of the content, which directly relates to the cornerstone pages and how that law firm is branding itself through the tools of SEO, including content architecture, significant header tag depth and the intelligent use of outbound links. We also focus heavily on how they are ranking for the many specific keyword terms that we know our clients want to dominate. Ultimately, our goal, as with a football coach, is to seek out the weaknesses and exploit them.

The Football Coach’s Analysis

Although a football coach’s analysis looks at and breaks down totally different factors than we do in the lead generation industry, the actual purpose and main goal is the same, believe it or not. Let’s say the Green Bay Packers are playing the Chicago Bears on a given Sunday. From Green Bay’s perspective, when studying tape from the Bears’ prior weeks’ games, the head coach and his offensive coordinator, for example, will be focusing on finding the weaknesses of the Bears defense. In doing so, they will analyze each area of the defense, including the defensive line, the linebacker crew and the defensive backs. They will determine which area of the defense has the weakest points, even if they’re playing a team that has a solid overall defense, like the Bears. The point is to locate and zoom in on whatever the weaker areas may be, so as to create a plan of attack that has, at least, the best possible chance to result in success, play by play and quarter by quarter. Ultimately, the football coaches who engage in the most thorough analysis, which will result in the most weaknesses found, theoretically, should then experience the most success.

The Plan of Attack

Oh boy… now we get to the fun stuff. The analysis process is grueling and painstaking, requiring hours and hours of mentally focused sifting of never-ending details, stats and data. But once you’re satisfied with the final analysis, then the embarking on an exciting plan of attack can begin, whether it is for the purpose of outmaneuvering competitors and dominating keyword term rankings for law firm clients or the purpose of executing a finely-tuned game plan to beat the opposition on a football field. The plan of attack will either play out as envisioned or show you where the need for improvement is present. Either way, a well thought out plan of attack is essential to achieving your goal, both in the world of law firm client lead generation and the brutal collision world of professional football.

Having a solid, methodical game plan can mean the difference between a good campaign and a great campaign. In fact, some of our staff believe this is the number one thing that the best law firm marketing companies do first and foremost.

Big Bang Marketing’s Plan of Attack

Now that we have a full and detailed analysis that we believe has all the data necessary to move forward, Big Bang Marketing’s production team can commence with the creation of a rock-solid, winning plan of attack. It will include decisions like exactly how our law firm clients will brand themselves within their desired marketing area and which cornerstone pages will be created so as to relate directly and specifically to the preferred types of cases they ideally seek. In addition, our plan will include child pages that directly branch off of the cornerstone pages, giving the law firm branding more depth. The Big Bang Marketing plan of attack will also include link building and the flooding our law firm clients in as many relevant directories as possible, as well as consistently fresh blogs and Google My Business snippets and utilizing the power of videos and YouTube to achieve more SEO results. Last, but not least… check that… actually most important and crucial, all of the above components of Big Bang Marketing’s plan of attack for our law firms clients will be immersed in CONTENT, which is KING. The plan has no legs without deep, original and quality content. Our commitment to never-ending content is what separates us from the pack in the highly competitive law firm lead generation bubble. Of course, the talent of our web developers, content writers and AdWords managers, just like the talent on the gridiron, is what dictates that Big Bang Marketing’s plans of attack are consistently executed successfully.

The Football Coach’s Plan of Attack

Of course, comparing website lead generation and SEO for law firms to football may be viewed as a stretch for some of you, but the process of an analysis leading to a plan of attack is similar, just as it is in many industries where the goal is to find weaknesses and plan an exploitive attack to dominate your competitors or opponent. The football coach, after completing his laborious analysis, will launch into the next step of planning his team’s attack for that week’s opposition, which will be designed specifically to attain a distinct advantage over the other team and even certain players, whether it be the offense, defense or special teams. Based on the data within the final analysis, plays will be thought up or reworked or freshly invented for the sole purpose of implementing them into the very specialized plan of attack for this particular game and this particular opponent. It can vary from running plays, passing plays and even trick plays, all designed to tap into the holes and weaknesses within the other team’s own plan. Of course, the talent on the field, just like the talent of Big Bang Marketing’s web developers, content writers and AdWords managers, will dictate whether or not the plan of attack will be executed properly.

Winning the Organic SEO Game for Attorneys

Even though more and more technological advances are in play and dictate how we market a law firm and plan content strategy, SEO is still at the top of the mountain, as it pertains to search engine results, so keeping up with the SEO game is our number one priority here at Big Bang Marketing. Let me throw some stats at you that will help you fully understand, just in case you still think organic SEO is no big deal, that organic SEO is KING, period!!! More than 90% of all online activity starts with a search engine; three-quarters of all clicks, resulting from any search, occur on one of the top 3 search results shown. Basically, almost nobody is looking for anything without an actual Google search, and the vast majority of searchers don’t even scroll down their search results page at all, leaving only the top results having an opportunity to earn someone’s business or sign a new client. Since organic SEO is King, and content is what makes SEO work for you, then, by definition, CONTENT IS KING!!! Content will include blogs, cornerstone pages, parent-child pages and videos… and it is monumentally crucial in winning the organic SEO game for attorneys.

Content Management

Okay… now that we all agree that content is King and rules the world of organic SEO, let’s lay out what exactly that entails. Often times, web developers will create a pleasing website with basic content and usually rather shallow content depth, leaving the Googlebot wanting much more content and information to deem the site worthy of returning to a searcher at the top of page 1 or in the Google Maps section. Content includes blogs, which will be the main source of new, fresh, original content being posted to your law firm’s website, cornerstone pages, which are selected and organized for the purpose of branding your law firm’s focused and ideally preferred types of cases, and parent-child pages, which will designate preferred sub-verticals of areas of practice for which you are seeking new cases. All of this time-consuming, intricate and laborious content management is essential to winning the game against the Google algorithm and leading the Googlebot to deem your website organized well enough, rich enough with deep content and packed enough with valuable, relevant, and trustworthy content to rank you in the Google Maps section or at the top of the main organic results. That is the goal, and all of Big Bang Marketing’s content-based steps are for that sole purpose.


I know you all know that blogs are part of your website and that they are relatively important. Here’s the thing… blogs with new and original content that relate directly to your law firm’s areas of practice and, more importantly, your law firm’s preferred types of cases, are absolutely imperative as a key contributing factor to your site consistently ranking on page 1 and in the Google Maps section for the valuable keywork terms that you and your competitors are wanting to dominate in your city and surrounding areas. Once your website is developed, which will include most of the main site content and be assigned to the cornerstone and parent-child pages, the vast majority of fresh content moving forward will be within your law firm’s blogs. To say they need to be regularly posted and are incredibly important would be an understatement; blogs are a never-ending project for as long as you want your law firm to win the organic SEO game.

Cornerstone Pages

The home page of your law firm website is the foundation, hub and core of your whole site, which is why it will contain the deepest content, specifically as it pertains to the header tag depth and the overall amount of valuable, relevant and trustworthy content. However, beyond that, your cornerstone pages will act as mini home pages and have a significant amount of quality content, as well, and they will focus on particular areas of practice or even specific types of cases, depending on the range, wide or narrow, of your preferred areas of practice bubble. The main point to understand is that your cornerstone pages, whether there are 5 or 10 or more, are integral in creating and presenting your brand to the public and searchers in need of an attorney in your area and surrounding areas. Therefore, choosing your cornerstone pages, which are essentially the specific types of new cases that you’re seeking, is a key factor, since it will dictate much of the fresh blog content moving forward.

Parent-Child Pages

I know… now we’re getting technical. Some or most of you attorneys out there probably don’t know what a parent page is or what a child page is or why they matter when it comes to SEO. But here’s the part to focus on… we know exactly what they are and the role they play in content management and in winning the organic SEO game. Basically, there are two types of pages, parent pages and child pages. They both have their clear role within the hierarchy of content architecture. Their relationship to each other is just how it sounds. Parent pages are higher ranking with the hierarchy, so they impact the child page, while the child pages latch onto their parent page and will even carry the parent pages keyword in its own URL. Child pages usually reference and contain information about a more specific type of case, directly related to its parent page’s areas of practice focus. The bottom line is that the parent-child relationship within the content architecture is simply another tool utilized to provide a path that we want the Googlebot to follow. When set up properly, its SEO impact is valuable to the ongoing pursuit to drive traffic in the form of leads for the specific types of cases that our law firm clients seek.

Link Building and Directories

When discussing additional ways to tap into more SEO tools, link building by listing your law firm’s website in many, many directories comes into play. There can be many benefits to using online directories, such as listing your site in a targeted category. The point is that when someone is searching in a directory, they are much more likely to be seeking out a business in a particular industry. Another benefit is the trusted link factor, which is a positive because your site is listed on the directory’s high domain authority website, which, in turn, can potentially favorably impact your site’s ranking. Finally, not that it’s the most important factor, but the pricing to list your site in the vast majority of the directories is quite nominal, if not free. Ultimately, it’s just another SEO tool that we will utilize to pound away at the Googlebot until it submits to our ranking demands.

Videos and YouTube

Being a thorough and buttoned-up lead generation and SEO company, Big Bang Marketing will tap into any tools at our disposal that will result in better organic rankings and more leads for our law firm clients. Let me just quickly explain that videos are in the category of content, just as text is, as it pertains to SEO. Posting videos and creating a YouTube channel is yet another tool available to us. Optimizing your video content, just as we must optimize your site’s text content, is how we give the videos SEO value, proving to the Google algorithm how much we are tapped into appeasing it for the goal of outranking your competitors for the all-important keyword terms that relate to the specific types of cases you’re seeking each and every month.

Winning the Paid Search Campaign for Lawyers

Now that we’ve discussed the key components to winning the organic SEO game for attorneys, let’s spend a little bit of time on another huge online advertising tool, paid search campaigns or AKA Google AdWords, which for some of you is four-letter word, even though it’s actually seven. If I had a nickel for every attorney who said that they’ve given up on AdWords, then I would be rich, rich, rich. The vast majority of them could never get anywhere near the ROI that we net for them. In addition to our much better cost per click, due to the large amount of AdWords business we provide to Google, we have extensively experience AdWords campaign designers and managers, which is actually more important than the cost per click. And as a side note… a successful paid search campaign means more conversion leads for your law firm.

Getting a Better Cost Per Click

Big Bang Marketing has hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly designated to our many law firm clients’ AdWords campaigns. Think about it this way… when you buy in bulk, you get a better price per item, right? Heck yah that’s right. Launching a paid search campaign as an individual is like buying in bulk for the pricing set for singular items. It’s why so many attorneys have all but given up on AdWords; they just haven’t let our expert Google AdWords managers design the right campaign for them, while utilizing our much better cost per click. Just like we don’t know everything about being an attorney or even the laws of the land, don’t think that your paid search experience trumps ours; rather, let the experts at Big Bang Marketing win the paid search game for your law firm.


Let’s be clear about one thing, whether we’re talking about an organic SEO campaign or a paid search campaign, conversions are the gold standard of determining a campaign’s success. A conversion is an action that’s tracked when someone clicks your text or video ad, leading them to directly call your firm or to land on your website, depending on the user’s device (mobile device or desktop). Therefore, all paid search campaigns seek conversions, period. Conversions are what turn into opportunities for new client cases for your law firm. Big Bang Marketing’s successful history of AdWords campaigns correlates 100% with our conversion ratio.

Finding The Best Law Firm Marketing Companies

Forgive me, but I must jump back in the football analogy. Sorry, but I told you that we here at Big Bang Marketing are diehard sports fans and students of the games, majoring in football. Creating solid and winning plans for SEO and SEM are no different than a football coach preparing for a big game. A football coach will prepare by watching hours and hours of game tape of the upcoming opponent for the sole goal of finding their weaknesses, whether it be the offense, defense or special teams. The coach will study specific plays that show tendencies, good and bad, so he can create a plan of attack that gives his team the best chance to exploit the weaknesses discovered, as well as trying to limit the impact of the opponent’s strengths that were also found during the analysis. Big Bang Marketing is no different; we study endless data points of our law firm clients’ competitors websites (our opponents) for the purpose of pinpointing their weaknesses in both their organic SEO and their AdWords campaign. We start by analyzing the content architecture, the cornerstone pages, if applicable, the content, the depth of the content and the quality, relevance and trustworthiness of the content. With this data we then determine how well are clients’ competitors have branded themselves as it relates to their preferred areas of practice and their preferred types of cases. We then focus heavily on how they are ranking for the many specific keyword terms that we know our clients want to dominate. Ultimately, our goal, as with a football coach, is to seek out the weaknesses and exploit them.

As a lead generation company that has been dominating for law firms for more than a decade, we have mastered the skill of organic SEO (remember content is king), as well as the skill of designing and managing a successful AdWords campaign that will result in a winning ROI.  If you’re still wondering who sits atop the shortlist of best law firm marketing companies then give us a call and speak to one of our analysts today. We know we can help you grow your practice.