Best Attorney Digital Marketing Campaigns

Over the course of the last few weeks, we’ve dedicated a significant amount of time towards identifying tips to develop the best attorney digital marketing campaigns. Last week we tackled keyword selection tips for Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Lawyers. Over the weekend, one of our content writers came across a really good article published by Search Engine Land. We all loved it so much, that we decided to use it in our Monday Morning brainstorming session. In essence, the piece talks about content mistakes that the majority of SEO firms make when publishing optimized content.

The article written by SEL is talking about content tips on a broad scale, meaning it’s not focused on one client vertical. However, since Big Bang is focused on Law Firm and Medical Practice marketing we decided to use this piece as a stepping stone for our own internal discussions on ways we can better a client’s content delivery. None of this is rocket science and on the surface, it all sounds extremely elementary. However, after debating over this for some time, we’ve come to the conclusion that the biggest obstacle attorneys and doctors face is the execution of the tactics.

Simply put, in order to properly write, optimize, link, structure, and submit content for lawyers, dentists, and plastic surgeons a marketing agency MUST put in the work. This is where the house of cards starts to crumble. Unlike you, the majority of the SEO “gurus” you talk to are not the ones actually doing the work. They aren’t the ones doing research, to find interesting topics to talk about. In turn, they outsource the content to writers they’ve never met. Optimizing the content is also typically passed off to another third party. A daisy chain of lies and deceit.

How to Create Quality SEO Content for Attorneys 

If you’re an attorney, chances are you’ve attempted to utilize some sort of online marketing campaign before. Regardless of what lies some SEO “guru” pitched you about it taking 90 to 120 days to see any type of result, the truth is that organic SEO is still ruled by content. Quality, informative, captivating, and OPTIMIZED content. If you want to know how to create quality SEO content for attorneys, you need to start thinking like a potential client. That’s what we took from the SEL article.

See, over the last few months, especially with the launch of Mobile First Indexing, the necessity for content depth has exploded. Say for example you’re an injury attorney, and you really want to increase phone calls for car crash cases. Your first thought might be to rank for the term “car accident attorney” in your geographical area. However, on the very bottom of the SERP’s you find synonyms. It’s possible that the term “car accident attorney” isn’t as valuable as “car crash lawyer” or “file a car accident injury claim”.

You need to do research about your area of law, the types of cases you want, and the way people in your geographical area are searching. If you’re paying an SEO firm than THEY SHOULD be performing this research. Without doing this, they cannot help you. It would be like a client paying you a retainer fee to show up to court but YOU make the CLIENT do all of the discovery and case prep. In addition to synonyms, with voice command search, people also ask much more detailed questions.

Using Voice Search for Attorney SEO 

If you really want to tackle the task of publishing quality SEO content for your law firm, you cannot ignore talk to search key phrases. Using voice search for Attorney SEO Marketing is vital to the success of a campaign. If you want to acquire more DUI leads, simply writing content with the term “DUI lawyer” isn’t enough. A potential client may ask their phone something like “what DUI law firm near me is open 24 hours a day”, or “what criminal defense attorney has the best DUI reviews”. These tend to lead to clients who are ready, willing, and able to retain your services.

Why Voice Search SEO for Attorneys is Important 

These types of voice command searches are far more detailed and more specific. The more specific the question, if you pop up in the SERP’s, it may yield a much better lead. Think about it, someone using the term “criminal defense attorney” may be looking to hire you, or just looking for general information. Perhaps they need a Federal attorney and you only take State cases. Point is, it may not be a lead you can convert. However, if someone used the phrase “top rated DUI attorney for second DUI in Los Angeles” and you pop up, and get that click, the lead is far more solid.

How to Find SEO Topics for Attorney Content 

We believe that one of the best tips on how to find SEO topics for attorney content is to ask questions. Simply pretend you are a potential client and type out questions and speak questions to the search engines. See what results pop up on the search pages. If you find your top competitors, but can’t seem to locate your law firm website, don’t panic. Yes, you’re not showing up and that sucks. Correct, it’s time to fire your current Attorney SEO Marketing agency. No, it’s not time to cry. At least now you have a blueprint of who to go after.

Try to start brainstorming about content ideas. Think about the types of issues you see. For example, if you’re trying to compete in the vertical of acquiring car accident injury leads, come up with 5 things you believe a client should do after an auto accident. You can make each one of those a search term, and then write content for each discussion topic.

Creating the Best Attorney Digital Marketing Campaigns

Big Bang rocks at creating the best attorney digital marketing campaigns. We love Attorney SEO Marketing, and it shows. Not only does our own website rank on the top of the SERP’s for law firm marketing throughout Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, and California, we also rank nationally. Try “selecting the best personal injury keywords” without using a local term attached, and you will see national results. We rank number one. Honestly, transparency, and actually doing the work is what drives results.

If you’re ready to finally acquire new leads from your law firm’s digital marketing spend, give us a call. Our brainstorming sessions are free, and we will lay out all of the work and tactics we utilize. If you want to tackle this yourself and save money, not a problem, we’re happy to help provide free information. However, if you want to focus on what you do best, and you want to hire us to do what we do best, we’d be happy to board you as a new client.

Hiring an Agency for Your  Attorney SEO Marketing Campaign 

If you’re considering hiring an agency for your attorney SEO marketing campaign, ask to see current sites they work on. Read the blog posts, count the blog posts. Check out the inner pages, the way they utilize head tags and links. Run tests using third party tools to check for search traffic. Don’t forget to also pick up the phone and call their current clients, ask hard questions, do your homework. Hiring an Attorney SEO Marketing company can be amazing or it can be annoying as hell. It comes down to you, and the SEO firm, interviewing each other.

Make sure that your expectations, and what you want and need from the campaign are things that the SEO agency can accomplish. If you’re expecting phone calls and new leads, and the marketing company you are talking to cannot put that in writing, walk away. Don’t get fooled into paying for lead generation when the agency taking your money cannot show you any proof of how they will deliver new client leads to you. In the end, if you have any questions, give us a call. We’re here to help.