Avoid SEO First Page Ranking Guarantees

If anyone calls and pitches your law firm or dental practice about ranking on the first page of Google, hang up on them. While on the surface they may sound amazing, trust us, it’s a scam waiting to happen. If you’re inclined to listen to this bogus pitch, before you waste a half hour of your time, simply ask the rep who is pitching you two simple questions:

  1. Can you guarantee exact keyword matches that I provide you?
  2. Can you guarantee I will get quality client calls, and if I do not make money from leads, can I get a full refund?

We assure you, this so called “first page guaranteed SEO rep” will begin to shiver and shake in their chair. For TOO LONG law firms and medical practices have been ripped off by promises and guarantees that their site will rank and will get results. These are evil words in our opinion. Why are we so against these pitches? Well, for starters, they set up clients for the ultimate bait and switch.

The only keywords you’re going to rank for are insanely asinine long tailed keywords like “cheapest auto car crash law firm 91364” which is useless. Anyone can rank anyone for garbage keywords like that. If you’re a dentist, you need to rank for “dentist”. If you are an attorney practice injury law, you need to rank for “personal injury attorney“. These “so called guaranteed firms” cannot do this.

How to NOT get ripped off by an SEO company 

If you do not want to get ripped off by an SEO company than ask a lot of questions. Talk to current clients who utilize their services. Most of all, ABOVE all ELSE, make sure you can walk away at any time, and still own your website. Any company who wants to lock you into a contract, or who says “monthly payments are a courtesy to finance your work” is LYING to YOU. SEO and marketing is performance based. IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING NEW CLIENT CALLS EACH MONTH, stop paying. Period.

More important than just client calls is ensuring that those calls are REAL calls and NOT robot or junk calls. You need to MAKE MORE MONEY than you spend on marketing. If not, than it is a total waste of money.

What is my current SEO company doing? 

Great question. Some SEO firms out there are absolutely amazing. We’ve even come across small one or two person operations that simply kick butt as well. However, most SEO firms are essentially hustles. If you want to know if you are using a great company, or if you’re being totally ripped off, just do research. Don’t trust us, we are another SEO firm. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have new pages of content being added weekly?
  • Are blogs being written and placed on my website daily?
  • Can I see if my social media platforms have daily posts?
  • Are videos being made monthly?
  • What do my current SEMrush and SpyFU results look like?
  • How many new paying clients did I get last month from my website?
  • How does my content read?
  • How many links do I have and are they relevant honest links?
  • How do I score on google insights?

If you cannot answer these with a smile on your face, chances are, you’re being ripped off. There are a few really good SEO firms out there. We are not the only one of them, and we may or may not be the best fit for you. Call us, if we think you’re better off with another agency other than us, we promise to steer you in the right direction. Hey, maybe you will send us a friend or business colleague we are a fit for. Honest SEO for an honest marketing campaign. You cannot beat that.