Attorney SEO Voice Search

Throughout the month of May, we decided to dedicate a significant amount of research towards Attorney SEO voice search. According to Search Engine Journal, and other leading SEO sources, 21 to 30 % of mobile searches are done through voice. Utilizing voice search commands are only going to get bigger. Think about it, it’s super easy to ask a question while driving or cooking, or doing anything for that matter, than to take out your device and type. However, there are major differences with the way one “speaks” to a phone than when one “types” on a phone.

If you were involved in a lawsuit, and say you needed a business attorney, you might type a short command. Something like, “business attorney near me” might be a commonly used keyword phrase. However, if you were utilizing voice commands, your search may very well be far more complex. Rightfully so, because you can go into deeper detail without having to type or touch your device. The ease of voice searching allows for more specific keyword phrase searches, and subsequently, better leads. For example, a voice search might read “I was 1099 but docked for not clocking in over the course of 4 years, what are my legal options?”. This search might yield a far better lead, a more exact match, for your type of law firm.

Law Firm SEO in Woodland HillsĀ 

If you are a local attorney, and searching Law Firm SEO in Woodland Hills, you may have come across this post. In fact, you may have come across it using voice commands. Attorney SEO voice search is showing a lot of pull through for DUI and Car Accident relate search terms. Big Bang Marketing utilizes sophisticated writers and content publishers to develop quality content for attorneys. After content is created, our writers sit down with our developers and together they optimize your pages for voice search terms. This helps increase quality leads to your practice.

We know too well that attorneys have been led down lead generation paths multiple times by SEO firms, only to find themselves in a dark dead-end alley. Big Bang Marketing is different. Yes, we are a Woodland Hills SEO firm. No, we do not charge you money just for SEO. An attorney is paying for leads. Period. Whether they attempt to acquire those leads through billboards, SEO, radio, it doesn’t matter. The vehicle of delivering the lead isn’t important, it is getting the quality lead that is important. This is why most SEO firms fail their clients. They do not deliver leads, yet they promise that their SEO is the BEST way to market a law firm.

Using Attorney SEO Voice Search for Lead GenerationĀ 

Yes, we know, using attorney SEO voice search for lead generation sounds complicated. It’s not. In fact, it comes down to how you and your clients speak. Your Big Bang Account Executive and designated support team will interview you. Together, a list of voice commands and commonly used search terms will be compiled and tested. Then, once the rights terms and right verbiage is proven to have traction, those terms will be programmed into your site.

Big Bang Marketing doesn’t stop there. It’s not just organic searches that can benefit from attorney voice search, Google AdWord Campaigns can improve as well. See, the BIG difference with Big Bang Marketing is that we focus on delivering LEADS. We don’t charge you money for monthly marketing if you are not yielding viable, converting leads. STOP wasting money on SEO and START spending money on LEAD GENERATION. Call now for a free law firm marketing analysis.