Attorney SEO Marketing

Big Bang is an award-winning Attorney SEO Marketing company based out of Los Angeles, CA. Now, what you’re about to read may shock and confuse you. That’s good, because if you’re like most of our clients, you need a slap in the face to wake you up. SEO alone is CRAP. There, you heard it first hand from a reputable and trusted search engine optimization company. Like all of our current clients, before they met us they were investing in SEO and expecting to get a ton of leads. That’s like wishing in one hand and defecating in the other.

Look, here is the deal. The majority of our clients are law firms. We also assist medical professionals like dentists, plastic surgeons, and ophthalmologists. Heck, we even have a division solely catered to service online e-commerce business. Regardless of what our clients do, ALL of them have heard us say time and time again SEO is the biggest scam since negative amortization and subprime mortgages. And, just like mortgage brokers back in the early 2000’s, most so called “SEO Companies” are just sales reps selling outsource services.

What is SEO and Does it Work For Law Firms? 

Okay, so you’ve heard about our company and you’re reading this article and you are confused. It makes sense. We just said we’re a kick-ass Attorney SEO Marketing company, then we turned around and said SEO is crap. Yeah, we’d be super confused too. If you’re wondering what is SEO and does it work for law firms you are not alone. See, if you’re an attorney, chances are you’ve been pitched hard by countless SEO companies. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it SHOULD stand for “Steal Every Ounce” of marketing capital from this naive law firm.

SEO and digital marketing are typically used interchangeably. That’s hogwash in our opinion. SEO really refers to optimizing a site and it’s pages to rank on search engines. Okay, we know, you get this already. However, here’s what you don’t know, or maybe you’re finding out really quickly as you keep paying your monthly SEO payments BUT you are NOT getting new client phone calls to your law practice. SEO doesn’t mean lead generation, but sadly, the SEO rep and company who sold you PAINTED a picture of SEO being the BEST lead source.

SEO alone will NOT do your law firm any justice. If you’re about to throw up because you’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars into SEO and you’re not getting shizit in return, grab a barf bag and keep reading. We’re going to dive head first down the SEO scam rabbit hole. Don’t worry, we’ve got a way out.

SEO and Content Ranking 

Okay, grab a pen and paper and start taking notes. First and foremost, there is NOTHING that ANY SEO firms does (including us) that you as an attorney cannot do all by yourself. At the end of this article we’re going to leave you with a list of informative SEO resources that you can use to help you create content that places high in the SERPs. Okay, here we go. If you’re in the market to optimize your website, then chances are your hoping to generate leads from you site. Here’s a list of what we believe are the top areas to consider.

  1. Inner Page Content and Cornerstone Page Content
  2. Blogs on your website and the Frequency of your posts
  3. Outbound links with high DA/PA that support your discussion topic
  4. Quality of your content and how much information it provides
  5. Local Directories and Citations
  6. Page Design, User Experience, and items on a page that help convert visits into phone calls or inquires
  7. Hosting, Page Speed, and using a CDN provider

Attracting Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Leads with Inner Page Content 

We handle all areas of Attorney SEO Marketing, however we chose to talk about Personal Injury and Criminal Defense for this bullet point. You can use the same concepts here for Employment Law or Family Law as well. Your cornerstone pages act like sub home pages. Pretend your website is a strip mall. Your home page acts like an anchor tenant. If you own a commercial property, you would LOVE to have a national grocery store chain as your anchor tenant. Their rent is high and it supports the rest of the property.

If you’re using a CMS like WordPress or Drupal you can add a site title and tag line. So if you’re an injury attorney in Los Angeles, your site title might be “Los Angeles Personal Injury Law Firm” and your tagline might be “Car Accident and Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles, CA”. Now, let’s go further, say you’re an injury attorney who REALLY wants a lot of vehicle accident cases. Your motorcycle accident, truck accident, car accident, bicycle accident, Uber accident, and Lyft accident pages will be cornerstone pages.

These pages will act like sub home pages, meaning they will be the very top of the content silo (which we will get into later on) for a particular vertical of Injury Law. In WordPress you can create parent/child pages. So if you make a page titled “Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney” and you list it as a “parent page” you can then create a plethora of “child pages” underneath it. For example, “file a car accident injury claim” may be a child page. This would give you a full slug “los-angeles-car-accident-attorney/file-a-car-accident-injury-claim/“.

Content Silos and Slugs 

Content silos and slugs, look we could spend ALL week talking about this and barely scratch the surface. So, here is a brief crash course, and we suggest you do your own research by reading online tutorials. A content silo is like a directory of information. So each cornerstone page acts like the top of a content silo representing the main topic you want to discuss. Subsequently, each child page, acts like a continuation of that silo that supports the main topic.

If your topic of discussion (cornerstone page) was “Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney” then you would want to create a bunch of informative content about hiring an attorney, car accident injury case results, rules that apply to your State about auto accidents, essentially publish a plethora of info about your discussion topic. You want to create very informative information, in such a way, that a reader can understand and learn something.

Slugs are page titles, we always recommend following Yoast guidelines and matching your slug with you primary header tag. It helps give an understanding to the reader (and DUH the search engines) as to what the MAIN topic of the article is about.

Attorney SEO Marketing Blogs and Publishing Quality Content 

Second on our list are Blogs, and the frequency in which we recommend you publish new content. Real quickly, Blogs trigger RSS (rich site summary feeds). Simply put, publishing blogs and new content on your site tells the Googlebot and other bots to re-crawl and revisit your website. John Muller (a world renowned SEO expert) and Search Engine Journal published a great article about “EAT” and SEO. In a nut shell, content now more than ever needs to be informative, trustworthy, and provide valuable data to a reader.

In the next section we’re going to dive deeper into EAT and how it relates to links. However, for Attorney SEO Marketing Blogs and Publishing Quality Content we ALSO recommend writing info that HELPS a potential client understand their legal issue. No, we’re obviously not recommending you write legal advice, but something that helps them make a decision to call you. If you’re talking about car accident injury representation, maybe mentioning some of your settlement victory amounts may be enticing to a reader. You also need to publish content every other day. Seriously.

Outbound Links with High Authority

Okay, again we could spend all week or month diving into this topic, and for the sake of my poor fingers I am going to cut this one a little short. Here’s how we look at links. Going back to the article published by Search Engine Journal (hint here that’s an outbound link with authority to our topic of discussion) it’s important to validate your content. Essentially, you need to give your topic clout and credibility. Think back to when you were in college, and you were assigned to write a paper. Your opinion as a college student is shit. So, what did you do?

Easy, you found information published by accredited sources. You looked for studies and reports written by accomplished professionals. Then, based upon THOSE findings you formed your own opinion and you sited your references. Links with high domain authority and page authority do the same thing for your content.

Content Quality and Improving Search Engine Rankings 

This one, by now, should be super self explanatory. You’ve got to write bad ass unique content, that’s informative and fun to read. You’re an attorney, you are smart. You can write content that helps your clients understand a certain area of law and you can also make it interesting to read. Drop in some real world experiences, or things you’ve run across in the court room. Talk about something semi-personal related to an issue a potential client may be going through.

The higher the quality of your content, the better it’s going to rank in the SERPs. If you’re running into issues with content development, and you still want to take a crack at doing your own Attorney SEO Marketing, we once again recommend using the Yoast readability guidelines.

Local SEO Citations and Directory Listings for Attorneys

Ten years ago this was a big deal. Five years ago it was a medium sized deal. Two years ago it was a small help to rankings. Now, depending upon who you ask, it may or may not matter at all. Look, there’s a zillion “local SEO” firms out there who would LOVE to charge you a shit load of money to “clean up your directory listings” because it will “help you rank better”. Just hang up the phone. Google My Business, Yelp, and a couple other profiles are GREAT to have BUT citations and directories DON’T deliver the juice they did before for SEO rankings.

Now a days, it’s all about QUALITY CONTENT and a crap load of content. Directories can still help, and they do make great outbound links. For our Attorney SEO Marketing clients we recommend AVVO, Martindale-Hubbell (which now owns AVVO), FindLaw (just their directory), Yelp, and of course Google My Business. If you want, you can also hire a company like Yext or BrightLocal to handle this for you. HOWEVER, if you’re paying an SEO agency they should have already handled this for you.

Page Design and Calls to Action 

Conversion Rate Optimization is more important than SEO. Okay, so why is CRO > SEO? Simple, because who gives a crap if your pages rank if NO ONE clicks to call you. CRO deals with conversions. In the section above, where we kind of trashed on local SEO directories, we’re going to contradict ourselves now. I know, we’re so funny. While the local directories and citations don’t deliver the same SEO juice as they did in the past, they STILL offer CALLS to ACTION, or Trust Building Icons.

Look, if someone googles “car crash lawyer” and lands on your car accident page, if you load that page correctly with items they can click on it helps with conversions. Say you’re an AV Preeminent Rated Lawyer, that’s a bad ass status. Putting that badge along with say your 10 out of 10 AVVO badge may deliver that last bit of clout and credibility a potential client needs to CHOOSE YOU over the law firm down the street. Designing your inner pages from a CRO standpoint makes all the difference. Check out Google Quality Score for more info.

Content Delivery Networks and Website Hosting

We are big proponents for WP Engine. However, we’re also a WP Engine Partner so don’t take our word for it, do your own research. CDN and better hosting alternatives can help increase page speed. It can also help improve website security. Out of the seven tips we listed and talked about today, this one is like the icing on the cake. However, sometimes it’s the icing that makes all the difference. Look, I personally happen to be an avid football fan. No, not kickball, I mean REAL football. I’m talking about the NFL lol, okay enough of the jokes.

Look, the difference between Aaron Rodgers (hint who my favorite team is) and say Andy Dalton on paper probably isn’t that different. Comparable heights, weights, and speeds. However, it is that LITTLE extra, that tiny difference in the snap of Rodgers wrist, or the little window he sees 30 yards down the field that gives him that MVP Championship edge. That’s like CDN and hosting for your site. Yeah, yeah, yeah if you’re a Chiefs fan I get it, why didn’t I use Mahomes as an example, let’s see if he can repeat his magic from last year first. GO PACK GO.

Los Angeles Attorney SEO Marketing Companies 

There’s a plethora of Los Angeles Attorney SEO Marketing Companies to choose from. While we believe we are the best, just like lawyers, there’s no such thing as the best SEO firm. What’s important for you as an attorney is to hire a digital marketing agency you trust and that fits your firms wants and needs. If you’re interested in learning more about what Big Bang can offer you and your law firm, contact us today. Our biggest niche is lead generation, and we’d be happy to discuss how we use digital and traditional marketing to drive you new cases.

If you’re still considering taking a stab at managing your own internal Attorney SEO Marketing campaign, here’s a brief list of some resources we think are helpful. Good luck, and have fun with your marketing.