Attorney SEO Marketing Tips

If you’re an avid Big Bang blog reader, then you know well that we like to provide Attorney SEO Marketing Tips. In fact, you might say we’re in love with law firm marketing. There are a couple of different online search marketing news sites we enjoy. Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, and a few others always provide insight that we believe is helpful to business owners within regards to their digital marketing strategies. Moz might just be the biggest provider of free search information, and today they published an amazing piece about Technical SEO, so we wanted to review it ourselves.

A lot of what we do here at Big Bang is geared toward law firms and medical practices. Technical SEO is something that too often gets misspoken about when talking to an SEO company. See, the majority of people who you end up communicating with at search agency are sales reps. Now, we’re not here to knock salespeople. In fact, an effective and ethical Account Executive is vital for a companies success as well as for a clients success. Sales reps know how to push operational staff to perform. Unfortunately, not all sales reps are ethical, and not all so-called SEO Companies are truthfully and honest with their services.

So today, we wanted to highlight a few things that we believe are crucial to technical SEO, as well as identify a couple of quick things any law firm can do for free to boost their presence online. Read, enjoy, comment, and if you want to speak to one of our Account Analysts about a potential campaign give us a call.

Top Three Attorney SEO Marketing TipsĀ 

So, we could spend all day and all week talking about ways that law firms can expand their presence online. Our account analysts and development teams could pound you with charts and graphs and content data that might bore you to death. Okay, you get the picture, so we decided to break this down to the Top Three Attorney SEO Marketing Tips that Big Bang believes in.

Our first tip is to write quality content, every single day. Now, don’t let this sound overwhelming. While one of the biggest things that any SEO firm should be doing for you, since you’re paying them monthly, is to WRITE and publish content for you, you can also do it yourself. Firing your SEO firm for stealing your money and not creating content for you is another story for another day. However, producing your own content isn’t black magic for a lawyer. Look, think of a case you managed, or a settlement you won. Write about that. Point is, you can write about something once a day and put it on your site.

Our second tip is to use other sources of media to publish content. Make sure your Google My Business account is accurate. You simply sign in with your Gmail through the Google Business Profile login. Make sure you have access to this. If your Gmail doesn’t seem to have ownership to your profile, you can request access, click here if you need help doing that. Once you’ve gained access, publish a quick post every day about something to do with your law firm, a case, how to file an accident claim, and LINK it BACK to your site.

Our third super simple tip is to use the Google Developer Tools. From lighthouse to structured data, even down to the video tutorials that Google puts out are all EASY to FOLLOW step by step guides. Look, you’re a DOCTOR of LAW. You manage YOUR OWN law firm. You can do a lot of this, all by yourself, for free. Don’t let any SEO “guru” fool you into believing that “technical SEO” is some mystical dark art that only Bruce Banner or Doctor Strange can perform. The point is this, you don’t need to be a Jedi Master to kick ass at running your own digital marketing.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Company for your Law Firm SEO

If you’re still set on hiring a digital marketing company for your law firm SEO, take a minute to ask yourself some questions. Too many times attorneys RUSH into signing an SEO contract, only to end up pissed off three months later. Don’t just blindly sign something because a sales rep verbally assures you otherwise. Here are some things you might want to consider prior to paying any agency for Attorney SEO Marketing.

  1. What types of cases do I really want?
  2. Do I have a niche, such as pricing or tenue?
  3. Can I actually take on and manage more cases?
  4. Does the budget I’ve been quoted actually fit with how much money I make on each case?
  5. How many cases a month do I get right now without this firm’s help?
  6. Has SEO or Digital Marketing ever worked for me before?
  7. What marketing vehicles are my competitors utilizing right now?
  8. Where do I actually rank today and what is my traffic today prior to using an SEO firm?
  9. Do I have a good reputation online?
  10. Can I speak to current clients of this SEO firm and see REAL analytics of their current clients?
  11. Can I walk away at any time or am I stuck in a contract with this company?
  12. Will this SEO company write all of my new content and manage my social media posts?

Above are twelve simple quick questions you may want to ask yourself. If you cannot answer these, and if the SEO company pitching you cannot answer these either than you might want to pump the breaks. Digital marketing and law firm SEO can be beneficial. However, it’s all about the execution of the work.