Attorney SEO Affected by Google Algorithm Updates

Well, it has been officially reported by one of our favorite leaders in the SEO world. According to Search Engine Journal, Google has announced a broad algorithm update today, Monday, June 3rd, 2019. Now, before anyone freaks out about this, we wanted to blast out a post to our clients, as well as to any new potential clients. Don’t panic. Yes, this is a real update to Google’s algorithm. No, please don’t run and start paying your SEO Firm or Marketing Agency a bunch of extra money because a sales rep tries to use this as a weapon to get you to whip out your wallet. Attorney SEO affected by Google algorithm updates isn’t major unless it deals with SEO elements. Let’s dive deeper into this.

A broad update usually deals more with relevancy and user experience. Essentially, the quality of your site. Every now and then, an update will affect SEO elements like content, links, mobile, tags, you get the point. These types of changes, or updates, to Google’s algorithm can have major ramifications with a site’s ranking. That’s because those types of updates usually affecting ranking factors. This broad update, however, should not affect rankings, so long as your current campaign was already on a solid path.

How to Market Your Law Firm Outside of SEO

In the month of June, Big Bang Marketing is going to tackle a major issue. What can a law firm do to generate leads outside of digital marketing? If you want to learn how to market your law firm outside of SEO, keep reading. Now, don’t take this the wrong way. As a Google Partner, we are a BIG believer in AdWords, and we see that our clients get a large portion of their leads from AdWords and Organic inquires from Google Searches. However, this doesn’t mean that an attorney should rely solely on SEO for lead generation. Now, more than ever, law firms need to broaden their mindset when it comes to marketing.

Video, Social Media, all of this tends to fall directly back into digital marketing. So if you’re talking to an SEO or Marketing Firm and they are trying to use these other avenues, don’t believe these are enough. Big Bang is a lead generation agency. We believe that SEO, SEM, Paid Search, and Traditional Marketing are tools to utilize to generate new leads. So, what else can a lawyer do to get quality leads? We believe in local cable commercials, mailers, billboards, bus benches, and radio ads. Yes, we also handle the creation of these mediums as well as the airtime and ad space buys.

Attorney SEO Marketing 

Attorney SEO Marketing has changed. You and your law firm need to change with it. While we love Google, and we LOVE SEO, it’s just not enough. Would you go into trial with just a snippet of evidence? No, you would take time to analyze all of the data, and interview witnesses, to build the best case possible. Dumping all of your marketing money into SEO and then hoping for it to turn into a pot of gold is as asinine as, well, searching for pots of gold at the end of rainbows. It’s a nice thought, but it leads to nothing by headaches and let downs.

If the news today about Google’s algorithm update teaches your law firm anything, we hope it shows you that you need to expand your marketing budget. Your marketing mindset needs to grow far beyond where you rank on Google. Stop confusing organic SEO with lead generation. Most of all, stop putting all of your eggs in one basket. If your investing money in marketing with the hope of getting new leads, then invest money in lead generation. We believe you will be much happier with the money you spend.