Attorney Marketing Keywords

This week we are going to dive into how we select the best attorney marketing keywords for our clients. We will be discussing our law firm interview process, our on-boarding engagement, and our ongoing monthly marketing tactics. If you’re a returning reader to our blog then you know well that we invest a lot of time into Attorney SEO Marketing. Most agencies attempt to build a niche, it makes sense. We choose to tackle law firm digital marketing because it fits with our business model most.

See, at Big Bang, we don’t believe in billing clients simply because we perform monthly marketing. Too many digital marketing firms have over promised and under delivered when it comes to lawyer marketing. We believe that our attorney clients need to be able to actually obtain clients from our efforts. Otherwise, they won’t be able to afford to pay for the work we produce. The most critical thing we do is perform our law firm interview. This is where we get to determine what keywords are vital to the client’s success.

SEO Attorney Marketing Keywords 

We love using the personal injury analogy when selecting SEO attorney marketing keywords. Say we’re dealing with an injury lawyer, it’s not uncommon for the client to initially be pushy about the term “personal injury lawyer”. It makes sense because they have had it beat into their skull that this is the BEST term for their practice. The truth is far different. While this might be the best term, it might also be a horrible term to put a lot of focus on. However, the only way to determine this is by interviewing the client. Which most SEO companies fail to do.

See, when you finally give the “green light” to an SEO Account Executive, the LAST thing he or she is going to do is stop you from paying them. They charge your credit card and disappear into the night, only to reappear four weeks later with another bill and a phantom ranking report. This is just as much the lawyer’s fault as it is the SEO companies because NO ONE stopped to ask ANY questions about WHAT the client actually wanted.

A personal injury attorney may ONLY want car accident cases. Perhaps the law firm is only interested in catastrophic injury, or medical malpractice. Often we have injury lawyers telling us they DON’T want any “med-mal” cases. The point is that assuming an injury lawyer just takes personal injury cases is a death blow from the start. This is why carefully choosing which keywords are best for a lawyer is vital to the success of a campaign.

Selecting Keywords for Attorney SEO

Selecting keywords for attorney SEO isn’t rocket science. It comes down to taking time to talk about your campaign with whoever you assign to handle your law firm’s marketing. Think about the types of cases you really want to take. Are you more DUI versus Drug Crimes? Maybe you love commercial trucking accident but hate taking car crash claims. First, determine what types of actual cases you want to litigate. Second, do research with your potential SEO firm, yes before you pay them, to find out if there is even search traffic in your area for those types of cases.

If you can determine there is viable search traffic, and you can identify enough competitors to go after, the next thing you want to consider is if Attorney Digital Marketing is the best avenue for your campaign spend. What if people in your geographical area tend to choose a lawyer from radio or television ads more than online?¬† Perhaps the market in your area is Spanish speaking and doesn’t search in English. You need to STOP and THINK before you pay an Attorney SEO Marketing agency any money.

Best Law Firm Marketing Keywords 

If you’re reading this article hoping to find the best law firm marketing keywords than you’re beyond help. A long time ago, when I first started a real job out of college, I visited Napa Valley. Yes, I was a young and proud 23-year-old and believed I knew everything. While wine tasting at a very famous vineyard, the topic of “what the best wine was” came up. Now, everyone who had a slight buzz chimed in. The more wine we drank the smarter we sounded, so we believed.

The point is this, one of the smartest things I have ever heard came from one of the Sommeliers. He chuckled, then said, “the best wine is the one you like the most, period.” This STUCK. I use this line as often as I can. You know what, I get to use it here too. The best keywords for your law firm are the cases you want the most. Don’t blindly let some SEO company choose your keywords, WORK with THEM to select the search terms that will give you the best chance to get the specific cases you want.

Happy Monday to all of you who took the time to read this, and get ready, for the next two weeks or so we’re going to tackle attorney keyword selection.