Attorney Keyword Marketing Strategies

Search Engine Land published a very informative read this morning, centered around keyword selection tools. As always, during our morning mashup of coffee, energy drinks, and 7:30 am “rah rah” calls between our office’s coast to coast we also always browse SEO news. The article made us rethink Attorney Keyword Marketing Strategies. There are a lot of great search sites out there, we really love Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal. Okay, nevermind the rambling. The point is this, today’s article provided great ways a campaign manager can create a keyword comparison.

Whether you’re contemplating a split A/B test, ramping up to flip the switch on a large AdWords Campaign, or simply trying to improve your local organic visibility, selecting the right keywords is critical. When we start a new campaign for a law firm, we sit down and analyze the geographical area, as well as the vertical of law. This is done to help us learn as much as we can about how people are searching in that area for the types of law that our client is expecting to get new cases for.

Unless research is done, for each specific new campaign, you may end with “phantom placements” that yield zero financial return. The point of Attorney Search Engine Marketing is to bring new money into the firm. Digital Marketing for Lawyers in big cities, where competition is stiff and paid search spends can cost more than a new Mercedes, all starts with correct keyword selection. Targeting the specific cases you want must begin by finding out how potential clients are searching for information.

Real Keywords Versus Phantom Rankings

When trying to determine how to target the types of cases you want, you need to look at the keywords you’re currently blasting out all over the web. Does your website currently help clients find you, or do your pages push clients away? If you’ve current marketing campaign is bleeding your bank account but not yielding a return, chances are you’ve hooked up with a shady SEO firm. Real keywords versus Phantom Rankings is a topic of discussion you and your law firm staff need to have ASAP.

Back in the first week of June, Search Engine Journal came out and warned law firms, and anyone paying for SEO, about ways to spot a bad SEO campaign. If you’re NOT ranking for the types of search terms that your clients are actually using to search, how do you expect to ever get client inquiries for those types of cases? This is why most SEO firms use smoke and mirrors to lie to their clients. Big reports with lots of charts and graphs show hundreds to thousands of “first page rankings” are just tools used by thieves to con you into not losing your mind when your phone isn’t ringing.

The point is simple. If you want DUI cases, you need to rank for DUI Attorney. Not, “DUI defense law firm consultation near 90210”. Who in the HECK has EVER searched like this? No one has, so ranking on page one for this type of bogus term does nothing for you.

Best Attorney Keyword Marketing Strategies 

The best attorney keyword marketing strategies that we believe in deal with research and open communication. Your digital marketing agency should be talking to you weekly about your campaign. Prior to charging you any money, your SEO rep and your law firm should have spent days brainstorming and doing research. By analyzing your competitors, understanding the types of real cases you want, and simply doing searches yourself in your local area, you and your SEO firm can help determine keywords to focus on.

Once you pick a set of keywords, do some more research. SEMrush, SpyFu, Google Search Console, as well as other sources are great ways to streamline your campaign. If your law firm isn’t getting the results you were sold by an SEO firm, call us today. There are a plethora of positive changes that can be made to turn a campaign around. When it comes to Attorney SEO Marketing and Digital Marketing for Law Firms, Big Bang just might be the firm you’ve been searching for all along.