Attorney Digital Marketing

If you’re an avid reader of our posts then you know well that we focus on Attorney Digital Marketing. Every agency has a niche, and for us, we love to work with lawyers. Over the last few weeks, the SEO world has seen some major updates. From a broad algorithm update to an explosion of new voice search programming tactics, we’ve kept our clients up to speed. Over the weekend, Search Engine Journal published a story about diversity to Google searches. While other SEO firms may see this as “small news” we see it as “BIG news”. Here is why.

Essentially what the article says is that Google wants to show more options for searches. Now, a lot of clients that have very solid on-page organic SEO rank in more than one “slot”. Meaning, they can come up in the map section, the top organic section for their home page, and say a blog post pops up in the second or third slot. This means a law firm can have a lot of “real estate” for a specific search term. However, with this new update, these multiple listings might go away. This is why Big Bang marketing believes in a full scope campaign for attorney digital marketing. Not just focusing on organic results.

Attorney SEO Marketing versus Paid Search 

If you’re like any attorney-client of ours, you’ve spent time pondering the pros and cons of SEO versus Paid Search. Rightfully so, it’s one of the most important questions an attorney should ask themselves about their marketing. For a long time law firms have been sucked into traps by shady SEO firms. In fact, SEJ actually wrote an AMAZING piece on June 7th, one in which we are going to dive into later this week. In a nutshell, SEO firms who guarantee to rank a law firm on PAGE ONE of Google, NEVER TELL the law firm the ACTUAL search terms they will rank for. This means a lawyer gets lied to and screwed.

So, you might think the answer is to dive head first into a big paid search campaign. Unfortunately, ad agencies have also gotten their hands dirty by “telling” you one budget, but then spending less and making more. The answer truly isn’t as simple as the question. Big Bang believes that it’s not about Attorney SEO Marketing versus Paid Search, but instead about acquiring leads that convert to clients. We look at SEO, SEM, Paid Search, Social, and Traditional Marketing as tools to get inquiries.

Attorney Digital Marketing in Woodland Hills

Our home office is nestled between Calabasas and Los Angeles. If you’re searching for Attorney Digital Marketing in Woodland Hills and you found us, congratulations. Not to tip our own hat, but coming up for quality organic search terms isn’t easy. Big Bang knows that your law firm gets hammered with calls from SEO companies on a daily basis. The truth, we believe, is that there is nothing that an SEO firm does that you could not do all by yourself for free. With the exception of Paid Search, all of the organic work is just time and effort. From publishing quality, unique content to updating your social feeds, it just means rolling up your sleeves.

If you want to do the work yourself, call us and we will give you free tips and point you in all the right directions. However, if you want to focus on what you went to college for, what you spent your life learning, we can manage your campaign for you. Every attorney is different and every marketing agency has their own positive qualities. We are not built for every law firm. For attorneys who are really looking to grow, and who are not afraid to spend the money to do it right, we might be the key you’ve been searching for to unlock the doors to more clients. We offer a better attorney digital marketing partnership.