Attorney Digital Marketing Los Angeles

Local Law Firms looking to increase leads often Google search Attorney Digital Marketing Los Angeles. Rightfully so, if you’re an attorney and you need new cases, digital marketing may be helpful. Los Angeles, like Chicago, Dallas, and Manhattan, is one of the most competitive markets. The saturation of law offices, all competing for a few premier cases each month, drives the price of AdWords through the roof. So, what do you do? Well, for starters, if you want to get quality leads from your digital marketing, you need to find a reputable and trusted agency.

Big Bang Marketing is a premier SEO and Digital Marketing firm located in Los Angeles, CA. For over a decade our developer and designers have delivered results to law firms coast to coast. Unlike other marketing agencies, we do not charge upfront for monthly marketing fees. We believe that law firms need to make money first. Marketing is supposed to bring in revenue, not drain your law firms bank account. This is why we partner with our attorney clients. Keep reading to see how we deliver real cases to our clients monthly.

SEO for Lawyers in Los Angeles 

SEO is a tool, which when properly used, can deliver new leads for law firms. However, too many attorneys have been ripped off by SEO agencies that want to charge money for simply performing some level of optimization. These “Guanrateed SEO Firms” NEVER guarantee CLIENTS. At the end of the day, law firms spend tens of thousands of dollars yet yield NO NEW CASES. This is because SEO companies want to collect payments without being held responsible for delivering new cases. This is a “bait and switch” in our opinion.

We utilize SEO, content, social media, Google AdWords, as well as traditional marketing tactics to FINALLY deliver new cases. We even go beyond supplying leads, we provide actual viable cases that convert. In order for our clients to stay with us long term, we know the relationship must be mutually beneficial. That’s a nice way of saying you need to get paid more money than you pay us. Marketing doesn’t work the other way around. At Big Bang Marketing we do not charge upfront for monthly attorney SEO.

Attorney Digital Marketing Los Angeles Reviews 

When trying to determine who to utilize for your law firms SEO and digital marketing, check out reviews. No, not just reviews on Google and Yelp, actually pick up the phone and CALL the current clients of the marketing agency. By speaking to other attorneys who depend upon an agency for lead generation, you can help determine if the SEO firm is a fit for you. Big Bang Marketing has delivered quality law firm leads for over a decade. From Personal Injury to Criminal Defense, our team drives calls that convert to quality cases monthly.

If you would like to find out how we can turn your law firm’s marketing campaign into a machine, call us today. We provide a free, real analysis, of your current positions. We identify the types of cases you want, how to get them, and how to convert calls into clients.