Attorney Digital Marketing Interview

If you’re an avid reader of our Big Bang blog, then you know how much we LOVE to talk shop with law firms. So, this morning when Search Engine Land published a great read about updated to Google AdWords, we jumped on it. Hey, we loved Lawyer Search Engine Optimization, and we love AdWords so it was a win-win writing this post.  One of the things that SEL’s article made us question was if SEO firms forgot about the art of asking questions. The Attorney Digital Marketing Interview is the FIRST thing we do at Big Bang when a potential law firm wants to utilize our services.

See, we always like to spin things back around to our clients and to relate what we do to what they do. So, since we’re so heavy in the real of Attorney SEO Marketing, prior to finalizing any engagement with a law firm, we start with an interview. This is nearly identical to how a Personal Injury Attorney or Criminal Defense Lawyer sits and meets with a potential client. The attorney consultation allows for the client, and most importantly for the attorney, to figure out if a case is a good fit.

The “art” of asking questions and “dating before marriage” is LOST amongst most SEO Agencies. Search Sales Reps, and even ownership of Digital Marketing Agencies, as so QUICK to just sign up and charge a client that they LOSE the bigger picture. SEO companies forget that a law firm is investing in a vehicle that is supposed to increase revenue to their practice. So, as a way to cover the SEO firms butt, they create funky verbiage and packages that lock lawyers into contracts. Forcing attorneys to pay for phantom services rather than new client leads.

Ask Hard Questions to Your Attorney SEO Marketing Agency 

We’re going to stay on the topic of the Attorney Digital Marketing Interview for this next part. Not because we want to bore you, but because we need to blast you a little bit. Look, honesty is the best policy, and if you’re the quality lawyer we know you are then you can take it. Half of the problem is your SEO firm essentially lied to you, served you up an old fashioned “bait and switch”. The other half of the problem is you TOOK it, bit if off, and ran with it. So, now it’s time to ask hard questions to your attorney SEO marketing agency.

Start by asking, politely mind you because you don’t want to tip your hand, to sign in to your Google Analytics and Google AdWords account on your OWN computer. Make your SEO rep give you full admin access. If they cannot, then you need to take a deep breath and realize you’re probably getting screwed. Instead of getting mad, just keep a checklist, and go onto the next topic. Your second question might be about client conversions, simply let your SEO rep know that you’ve tracked your phone calls and that you haven’t received any new clients yet.

Here is where you can draw a line in the sand. If on this very same call, your so-called SEO Guru, starts to provide you access to analytics and can combat your statements with real numbers from third party sources like Google, then maybe you’re with a decent agency. If however, your SEO rep tries to get off the call or stalls, then you know your rep is sitting in their chair like a deer in headlights. Here’s where you will want to run them over, but just like that deer, you’re going to wreck yourself as well as that deer’s day. So, what do you do?

Just like you might tell your loud mouth, itchy trigger finger divorce client, to shut up and be patient, you may want to heed your own advice. Keep a record of the call and the questions that went unanswered, then start calling multiple SEO firms, marketing agencies that have a solid reputation, and ask them for reviews of your current campaign and for a proposal. Now, don’t take everything they nit-pick as gospel, remember, even our agency wants to sell you at the end of the day. However, the more information you get the better off you will be.

Getting SEO Leads in Competitive Markets 

The Attorney Digital Marketing Interview is vital for getting SEO leads in competitive markets. Cities like Los Angeles, Dallas, and Boston are hotbeds for search traffic. If you’re attempting to gobble up car accident injury leads, or DUI cases from your law firm’s digital marketing budget than you need to ask yourself and your SEO agency a lot of questions. Information is critical for you and your Attorney SEO Marketing agency’s relationship.

If your law firm is ready to take their campaign to new heights, ask questions. Hey, you probably read that line thinking it was going to end with “then call Big Bang cause we are the best”. Don’t call us, not yet. Right now, ask yourself questions. Figure out what types of cases you actual want, the number of cases you can really take on. Calculate the value of a case, see if it even adds up financially to invest in digital marketing.

Once you get your ducks in a row than give us a shout out. We’d love to chop it up with you and your law firm. We believe in vertical growth, so were vested for you to make a lot of money. Cause we can charge you more. That’s not a joke either. Have a good day in court.