Affordable and Effective Marketing Tips

It’s June. To say that 2020 has been a rough year is a major understatement. Nearly halfway through the calendar year, we’ve witnessed tragedies, injustice, a global pandemic, and now rioting in our streets. As business owners do their best to return from the economic disasters surrounding COVID-19, more than ever businesses need a trusted partner. Yes, it’s true, online sales have skyrocketed. In addition, it is possible for you to capitalize and grow your business by tapping into those searching online to purchase goods and services. Today, we’re going to tackle affordable and effective marketing tips.

As you’re well aware, Big Bang is a premier law firm marketing agency. We recently won the Top 10 SEO award for Attorney SEO Marketing. In addition, once again for a second straight year, we’ve won the CLUTCH award. Keeping attorneys happy, and providing quality law firm leads isn’t easy. In fact, we believe it’s the toughest market to dominate from a digital perspective. However, time and time again we succeed where others fail. We’ve NOW launched our Local Lead Generation division, which has set out to HELP business owners recover and grow.

So, how can Big Bang help local businesses attract new clients and more paying customers? Let’s look at our top 10 affordable and effective marketing tips for local businesses.

Top 10 Affordable and Effective Marketing Tips for Local Businesses 

At Big Bang, we’ve been helping attorneys, medical professionals, and local business owners obtain more clients for over a decade. While we admit that we are not the cheapest marketing agency, we do believe we are one of the best. Why is that? Simple, it’s not how much you spend on marketing, but how much you make from your marketing spend that counts. At the end of the day, it all comes down to profits. If a campaign is profitable than it doesn’t matter if you spent $20,000.00 or $20.00. All that matters is what you keep in the end.

Look at it this way. If you’re currently spending say $1,500.00 a month on marketing BUT you are only bringing in say $750.00 from leads directly sourced from your campaign, your marketing spend is a loss. However, if you spent say $15,000.00 a month on your marketing spend BUT it brought in $25,000.00 from leads directly sourced from your campaign, you’re up $10,000.00 Today, we’re going to look at our top 10 affordable and effective marketing tips for local businesses.

Remember, these are just our opinions. We would love input from you, our clients, and potential new clients. These tips are deemed affordable because we believe they can help you turn a profit.

Quality Content

Content is the king of the organic SEO world. Now, later in this article, we will tackle search engine optimization. Right now though, we want to talk about why we believe content is super vital to a marketing campaign. Most of all, it’s very affordable and extremely effective. Content allows you to talk about your products or services. Or better than that, content helps you explain WHY your products and services may be better options than say a competitor. You can also teach your potential clients more about your company. After all, who knows more about your business than you?

Have fun with writing. Take your time to think about things you want to talk about or teach to potential clients.

Making Videos 

You do not have to have a Hollywood Studio to make some pretty profound videos for your business. In fact, we believe that by shooting videos with your phone or home camera, it shows how REAL you are as a business owner. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is priceless. People LOVE to buy goods and services from businesses they trust. By putting a face to your name and a personal image to your business you give yourself a deeper way to connect with potential clients.

You can shoot videos of you explaining products and services. Employees or different department heads can make clips about what they do at work. Think about how many times you win an award, or promote someone, all are great opportunities for you to make videos and publish online.

Focusing on Top Products and Services 

Now, this next tip may come with some controversy. So we encourage you to read but to also think and make up your own mind. Lots of people may believe in being flexible and being a “swiss army knife” when it comes to business. However, at Big Bang, we believe the exact opposite. We believe you would benefit more by focusing on two to three TOP products or services, and being the BEST at those, instead of trying to offer every good or service under the sun.

We call it the “Cheesecake Factory” effect. Now, don’t get us wrong. We LOVE the Cheesecake Factory. However, their menu is HUGE. Most importantly, I personally have no way of identifying what type of restaurant it is. They have Chinese food, Latin dishes, Italian cuisine, classic American meals like meatloaf and potpies. See, if I want a cheeseburger I instantly think “In-and-Out“. That’s all they sell, that’s all they do, and they do it (in my opinion) BETTER than anyone else.

Social Media 

Social media is a great way to build your brand’s presence online. It’s cost-effective, you can do this in your daily spare time, and you can even invite employees and customers to join in on your feeds. Don’t forget to tap into this affordable and effective marketing tip, especially for local businesses such as plumbers, dentists, restaurants, and hair salons. You can help current customers stay up to date on special offers, and most of all, you can help show who you are to potential new customers.

Social isn’t a HUGE moneymaker for some businesses. For example, we’re not a big believer that it does much for law firms. However, for local businesses, social media can be a very nice marketing medium if properly managed.

Getting Involved in the Local Community 

Whether you’re an attorney, dentist, plumber, restaurateur, or clothing store owner you NEED to pay close attention to your local community. People LOVE, more than ever, to buy local. Getting involved in the local community is a GREAT way to help grow your business. You can donate money to local high school sports teams, offer your time to help the elderly or make food and meals for the less fortunate. There are a plethora of ways you can get involved, make a difference, and let your local town know that you too are part of the community.

Organic SEO 

Search engines have been around for a long time. This article isn’t about search engine optimization. It is however about identifying the top 10 affordable and effective marketing tips for local businesses. Organic SEO is very effective, and if you do most of the work yourself, it can be extremely affordable. Even if you are not up to the task of managing your own digital presence, if you partner with an agency that can deliver you quality leads, it still may be extremely affordable.

Organic SEO can help you stand out amongst the other businesses in your area that are offering the same type of goods and services you are. Simply put, SEO can help you beat your local competition.

Paid Ads 

What, paid ads sound too expensive? It’s the opposite, NOT running paid ads will cost you MUCH more. One thing that can kill your marketing campaign is NOT investing enough money into paid search. Don’t go cheap on your paid spend, and don’t cut corners. You need to outbid your competitors. It’s not what you spend, it’s what you make. So definitely consider a quality paid ads campaign if you truly want to grow. You can run an effective campaign, and even an affordable one, if you do things the right way.


Networking may be one of the oldest forms of social media. Remember, there is power in numbers. Sometimes it’s not WHAT you know but WHO you know that matters most. Don’t forget the power of networking to grow your business. Think about all of the other types of business owners in your area who are NOT competitors. It’s very plausible that their customers could also be customers for you and visa versa. By sharing information about things you see in the market place and community can help all of the local businesses grow.

Free Give-Aways 

People love things that are FREE. There is power in giveaways and contests. It can help you build your brand, show how you and your firm CARE about giving back to your customers, and it can help drive you in front of potential customers that maybe you would have missed out on. There is something called a loss leader in business, and there is a huge potential for a loss leader to help you bring in more revenue. A lot of times bars and restaurants will keep an item on the menu that they lose money on or they simply give away, knowing it will bring in a clientele that may spend more money on high-end drinks, which they make a solid profit on.

You can do the same for your business. Think about it, brainstorm, and figure out if you can manage to do a free giveaway.

Find a Trusted Marketing Partner 

You knew this one had to make our top 10 affordable and cost-effective marketing tips for local businesses. After all, we want to make money too. Why do you think we’re publishing this article? Okay, just kidding. But seriously, we can help you. Find a trusted marketing partner and let them deal with the headaches of obtaining new leads and clients. That way you can focus on servicing your clients and pumping out the amazing products that the community loves so much.

Our Affordable and Effective Marketing Tips 

We hope you enjoyed are affordable and effective marketing tips. As always, Big Bang would love to help you grow your business. If you have questions, comments, or if you just want to talk shop about advertising we’re here. Yes, we are open, and you can call us at (818) 877-7701. Our analysts are always willing to lend an ear and help you brainstorm on ways you can increase your leads and decrease your marketing woes. Below are some links to resources for certain local businesses. If you have any questions, or if you want to schedule a free marketing review click here. Thanks for stopping by.